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Byndie Maxwell


Byndie is passionate, motivated, enthusiastic and professional about the care and welfare of animals.  Her knowledge has come from years of experience in animal care for a wide range of pets.

Byndie has always been an animal lover, and has had many, many different pets (cats, dogs, birds, fish … even snails) throughout her life.  She has two cats of her own at the moment, and therefore, knows firsthand about the worry and stress that pet owners’ sometimes face when going away.

Byndie is a Qualified Vet Nurse who has served at an extremely busy multi-clinic practice since 2002, and has also been caring for peoples animals in their own homes since 2003.

She is extremely passionate about caring for animals, and looking after their needs and requirements whilst their owners’ are away, and  she prides herself on providing the highest standard of professional, personalised service to Creature Comforts many valued clients.


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All Creature Comforts NZ Staff are FULLY Screened and Police-Verified.

Certification is available for inspection upon request.

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