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Home Security Tips

During an exciting holiday vacation, no one ever wants to have that nagging feeling that something could be happening back at home. Unfortunately, holiday trips are the perfect time for criminals to steal property. Luckily, whether the trip is going to last for multiple weeks or just a single weekend, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of burglary.
1. Hide Signs of Expensive Property: When deciding on a house to break into, most criminals are first going to get an idea of which houses will be worth their while. They will do this by looking through windows o checking around the property for items such as flat-screen TVs and laptops which can be easily resold. These items should be kept well out of view, especially directly from the street.

2. Avoid Social Media Updates: While everyone wants to update their family and friends about exciting trips, those without the strongest privacy settings on their social media accounts could be notifying more people than they expect. As your trip comes closer, you and your family should refrain from posting exact dates and times in which you will be leaving and coming back as it is a great for a third party to get information.

3. Make Your House Look Lived In: At no point should a criminal be able to drive by your property and feel as if no one has been home in a while. You can make your home appear “lived in” by mowing the lawn and tidying the garden immediately prior to leaving, putting a hold on mail and newspaper deliveries, and placing a timer on a select few indoor and outdoor lights.

4. Alert Neighbours and Neighbourhood Watch: If you have trusted neighbours or a neighbourhood watch group, it is a great idea to notify them and provide them with contact information. If you have someone that will be coming over to feed animals or housesit, the neighbours should be given this information as well to avoid any mishaps.

5. Double Check All Portals: Right before leaving, you should do a full circle of your home to check all doors and windows are securely closed. While the front door or garage may be secure and locked, it is important to check on other possible entrances such as second story windows – criminals often go to whatever lengths possible to gain entry into a house.

6. Outdoor Security: Ensure all garage doors, gate latches and shed doors are locked securely, preferably with padlocks. Put away BBQ’s, bicycles and lawnmowers and check any ladders are locked away. Ladders provide burglars with the perfect opportunity to access your windows.

7. Find a Better Spot for that Spare Key: If you keep your spare key underneath the front or back door mat or potted plant, chances are that if I can guess it a burglar will too. Use your imagination and find a good spot that isn’t in the immediate vicinity of the door (NOT on top of the ledge either). We can help you with ideas and can also supply fake rocks to hide your spare key somewhere in your garden.

8. Have Security Lights Installed: Lighting up the exterior of your house is essential for preventing a home break-in. Motion sensors are great but they should be an add-on to other landscape lighting. Not only does landscape lighting accentuate the beautiful features of your home like columns, bushes/shrubs and trees, but it also provides substantial lighting that will deter would-be thieves.

9. Let Us Take Care of the Worry for You: We can come and visit as frequently as you would like and perform all of the above daily security checks.
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