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Pet Boarding

PRICE = Starts from $14 per day (P.O.A, pricing depends on animal/s and caging requirements)

If you have pets that live in cages, hutches or aquariums, and would feel more comfortable having your animals stay somewhere else while you’re away, our Pet Boarding Service may be the option for you.

We can board a limited number of animals at our own homes so that your pets can receive greater supervision and one-on-one attention.
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

We provide a hutch with a run and fresh food and water daily.  You just bring your fur baby and dry food and we’ll take care of the rest.
Birds & Fish

Unfortunately we don’t have cages or aquariums, but we’re sure you would rather your pets remain in their own enclosures anyway.  Just bring your pets and food and we’ll take care of them as if they were our own.
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Police Verified Staff

All Creature Comforts NZ Staff are FULLY Screened and Police-Verified.

Certification is available for inspection upon request.

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