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Pet Feeding

PRICE = $21.50 for once daily or $41.50 for twice daily visits

One of our highly qualified and experienced professionals will provide you with one-on-one personalised service to cater to the individual needs of you and your pets.  We cater to all feathered, furry and scaly pets, with no one too big or too small and we now welcome the chance to care for your lifestyle block.
Our standard feeding visits include:

  • Cleaning and refreshing your animals food and water
  • Medicating
  • Litter tray clearing
  • Poop scooping
  • Mail clearance
  • Daily grooming & play time
  • T.V/Radio, lights and blinds rotation
  • Loads of pats & cuddles

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We look forward to meeting you and discussing your individual requirements.
Please note, if there is no free parking available within 50m of the property, parking costs will be added to your invoice.
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Police Verified Staff

All Creature Comforts NZ Staff are FULLY Screened and Police-Verified.

Certification is available for inspection upon request.

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