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Byndie, of Creature Comforts, has worked for us for many years. She has had unrestricted access to our house, and at all times we have found her to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. With her knowledge and experience as a veterinary nurse, we felt very comfortable leaving her in charge of our menagerie: looking after our varying number of cats, chickens, fish and most importantly, our two dogs – one severely disabled.

Being aware of the individual needs of each pet, she always uses her initiative if there are any concerns.
Not only are our pets more content remaining in their own home but Byndie’s regular visits provided a watchful eye on our property.
For Byndie, this is not just a job, she has real love for the animals she cares for.
She always kept us informed of any problems and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for pet feeding and minding services.
Mike & Viv Rathbone

I really appreciate Byndie’s professional, friendly and reliable home pet care service.  It’s also comforting and reassuring that Byndie is a vet nurse; whenever I’m away I know I can rely on her daily visits to pick up anything untoward about Oscar and to take appropriate action if needed. Oscar is very happy Byndie came into our lives too!  He retains all his freedom and home comforts, avoids the stress and discomfort of being caged for long periods, and is always his settled, usual self when I return home.

Oscar’s Owner

We couldn’t believe it when we found Creature Comforts! Our eldest cat Zaazoo has diabetes which requires insulin injections twice daily.
This meant he wasn’t allowed in a regular cattery and had to stay in the vet hospital – in a cage.

Now when we go away Zaazoo stays home with our other cat Wicca.
Not only is Zaazoo cared for and medicated but Wicca, the fish and the entire house are looked after as well! Cat sick,  gets cleaned up, the cats get a fuss and everyone is happy.

Even if Zaazoo did not need medication, we would definately use Creature Comforts. It is so easy and leaves us feeling confident when we head off overnight or even away for a few weeks!


Lower Hutt

Byndie from Creature Comforts has been feeding my cats for years, and they are possibly happier and healthier when I return from my travels than when I left! I know that they will be cared for with professionalism and kindness and if I have any feline concerns then Byndie always puts my mind at ease. It’s a pleasure for me to recommend Creature Comforts.



We’ve regularly asked Creature Comforts to feed our two cats (and occasionally our dog) over the last  three years whenever we’ve been away for weekends or holidays.

I’ve always found Byndie  reliable and very caring.

One of our cats is diabetic and needs an injection of  caninsulin with his food,  and it’s given us peace of mind knowing that someone with training is looking after him.

Very trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with.  I’d heartily recommend their service.

Katherine Robinson.


Police Verified Staff

All Creature Comforts NZ Staff are FULLY Screened and Police-Verified.

Certification is available for inspection upon request.

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